Can or should I use CalMag with FloraFlex Nutrients?
Additional CalMag is not needed with our nutrients. But you can run the Full Tilt Schedule at 90% strength when buffering your water with CalMag.
Can I soak rockwool cloning or propagation cubes with B1 and B2?
Yes, use 2-3 grams of each per gallon, with a 5.5ph.
Do I adjust EC or pH first?
Adjust your pH after you hit your target EC.
Can I use enzymes or CalMag along with the FloraFlex Nutrients in my RDWC/DWC system?
Yes, you can use enzymes with our nutrients in your RDWC setup, but additional CalMag is not needed
What is the maximum starting water EC for FloraFlex Nutrients.
We recommend that your starting water be under 0.7 EC before adding nutrients, an RO system is needed for anything above..
When should I begin using nutrients when starting seedlings?
Once the seedlings have sprouted begin using V1:V2 at 2-3 grams each per gallon.
What EC should I feed my clones?
3g each B1:B2 or 1.8 EC.
I want to soak my 40/40 cubes in B1:B2, but only need one liter as opposed to a gallon, how many grams of each should I use?
.75 grams each B1:B2.
Can I use my B1,B2 in my ez cloner?
We recommend 3 grams of each B1:B2 per gallon.
If I Veg for longer than the 4 weeks given on the Full Tilt Schedule what should I do?
Extend week 4 of Veg for the extra weeks.
Do I need additional CalMag if my tap water has a starting EC of 0.2-0.4?
Our Full Tilt Schedules do not need CalMag no matter the starting water EC.
What EC do you recommend for mother/mom plants?
5 grams of each V1:V2 per gallon or 3.0 EC.
What pH do you recommend for veg?
1. Coco - 5.6-6.0 pH 2. Soil - 6.0-6.3 pH 3. Rockwool / DWC - 5.5-5.8 ph
Do your Veg nutrients contain micronutrients or do I need to add them?
Yes, V1 and/or B1 both contain all necessary micronutrients.
What elements are in V1?
link to infogrpahic for thhis
What elements are in V2?
link to infogrpahic for thhis
Is the first day of flower or bloom considered the day you switch the lighting schedule, and do you begin feeding the bloom schedule that day?
Yes, start using the bloom nutrients as soon as you switch to the 12/12 or 11/13 light cycle.
Can I run Full Tilt with other nutrients or is it only compatible with FloraFlex Nutrients?
Can I run Full Tilt with other nutrients or is it only compatible with FloraFlex Nutrients?
What is Full Tilt?
Full Tilt is our bloom booster that adds size and weight to your flower in the early stages of bloom.
Do I need Full Tilt?
We highly recommend it and it is very popular with all growers.
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