Platforms (Drainage)

Should I install a pressure gauge in my irrigation system?
Yes, installing a pressure gauge at the end of your zone can ensure that the system is running efficiently and within PSI ratings.
What are the dimensions of the PotPro Platform?
13” x 13” x 4”
What is the maximum amount of water that each PotPro Platform can hold?
How long does it take to drain 500ml from the PotPro Platform?
The platforms take 10 seconds to allow gravity to drain the 500ml. i.e., If you have 100 platforms connected to one drainage point and simultaneously fill them to 500ml each it would take 16.6 minutes to drain. So the key is not to feed more than 500ml per pot in any particular feeding occurrence.
How many PotPro Platforms can I have connected to one drainage point?
As long as you are not exceeding 500ml in runoff per irrigation cycle, per platform you can have as many as your heart desires.
Do you have any videos showing how to set up the PotPro Platform drainage system?
Yes. Need a new link to YouTube for this.
What drainage pump do I use with the PotPro Platform drainage system?
The Little Giant shallow pan condensation pump or any similar product is commonly used.
How does the PotPro Platform System drain or work on a flat floor?
The platforms sit at 4” in height, so as long as the drainage point is under the 4” of any and/or the lowest platform, the water will be forced into that drainage point. (Show video )
Can I customize PotPro links lengths or use another tubing?
You can cut the 16/17mm double layer tubing to your desired length or buy and cut PotPro links to your desired length.
Does the little giant condensate pump you recommend for the drainage system turn on when it senses water?
Yes, it has a built-in float valve. When water raises the float valve to a certain point it will automatically turn the pump on and send the water to your desired drainage point.
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