What is pH?
pH stands for potential hydrogen. It is measured on a scale of 0-14 and is used to tell us how acidic or alkaline the water source is. Pure water typically has a neutral ph of 7. The solution is acidic if the pH is below 7 and alkaline if the ph is above 7.
Is measuring pH important?
Yes, plants best absorb nutrients grown hydroponically between a pH range of 5.3-6.3.
What is EC?
EC stands for Electrical Conductivity. It is used to measure the strength of the nutrient solution.
How do I convert EC to ppm?
Can I use FloraFlex Nutrients with a doser or fertigation system?
Can I use FloraFlex Nutrients with a doser or fertigation system?
How do I make a concentrated stock solution for a doser or fertigation system?
Do I need any additives with FlorFlex Nutrients?
No, you do not need anything other than the No Cal Mag Full Tilt Schedule.
Are there things you should not be using with the FloraFlex Nutrient line such as calcium or other additives?
V1 and B1 contain Calcium. Additional Calcium is not needed. We recommend keeping it super simple with our line, only adding a Silica if you prefer. The more stuff you start to add the more you have to play with the ratios of our nutrients to adjust for the NPK levels of the additives.
How do I make a stock solution with FloraFlex Nutrients?
Using the 1:100 ratio you would mix 200 grams per gallon and inject at 1% (38ml) per gallon.
What is the optimal water temperature for feeding my plants?
67 to 72 degrees fahrenheit.
Why can’t the 1’s and 2’s be combined in a concentrated batch?
In concentrated amounts the Calcium from the 1’s and Magnesium from the 2’s will fall out and leave your plants with deficiencies.
How long is the stock tank or concentrated batch good for after being mixed?
Roughly 6 months, it has the same shelf life as a bottled nutrient once it is opened.
Can I use no CalMag with FloraFlex Fertilizer?
Yes, just use the recommended grams per gallon.
If I use CalMag with FloraFlex Nutrients but want to stop in the middle of a run, can I?
Yes, just follow the grams per gallon and your plants should be healthier than ever as our nutrients work better at a higher ratio with no CalMag additives.
Why don’t I need CalMag with FloraFlexNutrients?
Because Calcium is already in parts 1 and Magnesium is in parts 2.
Can I use FloraFlex Nutrients with or in soil?
Yes, our nutrients are compatible with all growing mediums. Soil typically requires less EC than hydroponics, 1.6-1.8 is usually a safe range depending on your soil of course.
Can I run the Full Tilt Schedule at Full Strength in soil?
Not all soil is created equal so it really depends on the soil itself and what elements are available in it etc. Typically starting at a lower EC (1.6-1.8) and adjusting based on plant responses. Many in soil feed nutrients 1-3 times per week with nutrients, and may water more frequently.
Can FloraFlex Nutrients be used with or in DWC/RDWC (recirculating systems)?
Yes, our nutrients can be used in a RDWC setup. It is recommended to do a complete reservoir change out every 7-14 days. A good rule of thumb is to top off your reservoir with fresh water without any nutrients added, and adjust PH in between complete reservoir changes. Users will typically run a lower EC in veg and bloom (1.6-2.0).
How often should I change my reservoir in a deep water culture (DWC/RDWC) setup?
We recommend changing the full reservoir at least once every 7-14 days in a DWC or RDWC system. Once a week to match the feeding schedule is optimal.
Can I still use my V1 or B1 if it has turned hard from being left open?
It is a homogenous mix so it should still be usable once broken up and will dissolve in water with no issues even when hard.
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