PotPro Pots

What size or volume Pots do you offer?
Square PotPro 4” - 1/4 Gallon (.85L) 6” Short - 1/2 Gallon (1.9L) 8” Short - 1 Gallon (3.45L) 6” Tall - 1 Gallon (3.78L) 8” Tall - 2 Gallon (7.57L) Round PotPro 3 Gallon (11.35L) 5 Gallon (18.9L)
Can I use soil in your pots?
Are your pots meant for coco coir and/or can rockwool 4”, 6”, or 8” cubes be placed inside instead?
Any size PotPro can be used with rockwool croutons (loose absorbent granulate), coco coir, soil or hydroton. 4”, 6” or 8” rockwool cubes are not recommended with our pots because of the tapered wall design.
Can the 6” square pot be used from veg through bloom?
Yes, both the short and tall 6” PotPro could be used from clone through harvest.
Can the 8” pots be used throughout veg, bloom and until harvest?
Yes, both the short and tall 8” PotPro can be used from rooted clones throughout until harvest.
Do I need to place something on the bottom mesh opening of the pot before adding my LooseFill coco peat or medium/substrate?
No, you may have some coco or medium that falls out when initially filling the pot, but once it’s saturated the coco peat will stay inside of the PotPro.
What are FloraFlex pots made of?
Our pots are made from virgin, BPA and lead-free PP (polypropylene).
Are your pots food grade?
Yes FloraFlex’s PotPros are made from food grade material.
Why are the bottom of the pots open?
The PotPro open bottom design, elevated design allows for better aeration creating a more even and consistent dry down of the growing medium/substrate.
What size pot, medium or starting cube/plug is best for starting seedlings or the propagation process?
The patented FloraFlex Incubator along with our coco peat, peat moss and bio char 40/40 plugs are the recommended and best way to start either your seedlings or cuttings/clones. See the How To Grow Guide’s Step 1 and 2 for a step by step process.
Are FloraFlex 4” and 6” pots recommended for stacking?
We do not recommend stacking our or any pots, instead do a full transplant out of a smaller pot and into a larger pot.
What growing medium/substrate do you recommend with your pots?
We recommend filling our PotPros with our LooseFill coco coir (coco peat).
What is the recommended amount of 4” pots per 4’x4’?
We recommend 20 - 24 4 inch PotPros per 4’x4’ space.
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