Do you guys recommend using a small heating pad under the Incubator Kit?
No, the patented Incubator is such a good seal that it should maintain a good temp inside as long as there is ample light above it. If it is extremely cold for some reason then use your best judgment.
The instructions say to lift the Incubator Dome up on day 4 for about 1 to 1.5 hours. Do I do that just 1x per day?
Yes, until condensation has been removed from the dome. Close the vents and slide the dome back closed once condensation has been removed.
What’s included with your Patented Incubator Kit?
1. 50 - 40/40 Plugs 2. Incubator Bottom Tray 3. Incubator Insert Tray 4. Incubator Dome QuickFill / LooseFill
Place the filter on the outlet of the Nylon Valve.
Optimal psi with all of our systems is between 25-35psi.
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