General Cannabis Cultivation Questions

When doing generative feeding in early bloom, how should I feed after I’ve reached the 4-6 hour/runoff?
Stop all waterings after you achieve runoff by mid day to allow further drybacks.
Why the vegetive steering from days 22-42? Why not the generative steering throughout flower/bloom?
Steering vegetatively in mid bloom helps the plants to bulk up by pushing a constant fresh supply of higher EC feeds and dissolved oxygen through the medium. At this stage the roots have filled up a good portion of the pore space in the medium that once stored water causing the growing medium to have a lower water holding capacity (WHC). Therefore you need to water more frequently to prevent drying back too far and burning the plant.
Is dryback percentage a loss of moisture in the medium or a percentage of total moisture in the medium?
Loss in moisture in the growing medium/substrate.
Should I worry or be concerned with the EC of my runoff? My feeds are following the chart at 3.0-3.1 EC and my runoff is at 4.7, should I flush my plants?
Measuring runoff EC can be very deceiving and not an accurate depiction of what is going on in the coco after you have replenished it. EC meters used when mixing your reservoir and some soil sensors measure bulk EC which is the EC of undisturbed water/soil. Good soil sensors measure pore water Ec which is the EC of the water stored in the pores of the medium that is actually available to the plant. As moisture levels raise within the coco the pore water EC will lower, while you'll see an increase in pore water EC as moisture levels drop. We typically aim to keep pore water EC in a 4-6 EC range with most strains or genetics after the refreshment irrigations. Chasing runoff EC typically creates issues that were nonexistent to begin with. Measure runoff pH to make sure it is staying between 5.4-6.4. Always gauge plant responses before lowering or raising input EC levels. If you notice deficiencies and/or light green growth increase feed strength, if you notice tip burn and/or darker than normal green leaves decrease EC and/or push for more runoff.
When using the generative style feeding early in bloom, how many irrigation cycles should there be before you see runoff?
This will vary with shot volume, pot size and irrigation frequency. When steering generatively you will want to achieve runoff within a 1-3 hour window after the first irrigation event of the day through use of higher volume, less frequent irrigations.
What pH range do you recommend for the Full Tilt Schedule runoff?
Within .5 of the input pH in either direction.
In late flower or bloom is it recommended to drop temperatures and light intensity?
It is recommended to do both, but pay close attention to the infographics as they show temperature and umol/light intensity parameters.
Any pointers or tips on using a trellis net?
Ensure the trellis net is pulled tight and try to fill every square. Every empty square is a loss in yield.
Do your packages ship discreetly?
How long does delivery take?
It is largely dependent on the order, please see tracking info. Many do receive orders within 48-72 hours.
What are some of the best ways to fight or prevent powdery mildew (PM)?
Prevention is key with powdery mildew and keeping temperatures at all times above 70 are one of the best ways to do so as it thrives in temps below 70. Avoid large swings in temperature to avoid condensation build up on leaves. Defoliation or deleafing so that leaves are not sitting on top of each other which creates a safe haven for the mildew to grow. Airflow is also key to prevention. And lastly there are sprays that make claims to prevent PM, but we believe if you can do all of the above you will likely not have this issue unless someone brings it into your grow room.
We have a sealed room, and Co2 levels are skyrocketing during the night, is it a problem? Should we maintain a certain ppm level when the lights are off?
Elevated Co2 levels can cause harm to the plants. Set up an exhaust fan to kick on 15 minutes before lights out to bring the Co2 levels back down to ambient levels of 400-600ppm.
After planting a germinated seed into soil, how many days until I feed nutrients?
Begin feeding them as soon as the seedling has sprouted out of the soil. 2-3 grams each B1:B2 per gallon. After 2 weeks of growth transition into the Full Tilt Schedule.
When planting my seeds, do I start 24 hours of light right away?
What are optimal days to defoliate or deleaf in flower or bloom?
We typically will defoliate at days 1, 21 and 42 of bloom and clean up the bottoms between days 1-14 depending on canopy density. However there are cases when you can clean them up throughout the first 21 days of bloom if the canopy is very dense and you want to allow light and air flow, some even do a light clean up every few days of the larger lower fan leaves usually showing purple stems.
I am having trouble lowering my humidity to 45-55% during the flush stage, what can I do?
Lower the light intensity, temps and shorten your watering window to allow for larger overnight drybacks. The plants will be transpiring less when you drop the temps and drinking less which should help to lower the humidity more.
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