Micro Drip Irrigation

How do I replace the Micro Drippers if they are already installed and clogged, can I pull them out?
Yes, simply pull them out and replace it with a new emitter. Using a teflon tape for a really damaged hole can work too.
Are the Micro Drippers meant to slowly drip or is it supposed to stream out?
They are meant to deliver a slow drip and are designed for high frequency, low volume irrigations to achieve capillary or wicking throughout the medium.
What PSI is needed for the Micro Drip System?
Whether you have 1 micro dripper or a 1000 you will need a pump that can produce at least 15 PSI (36’ max head). Most submersible pumps have a PSI rating of 6-12 PSI, but you’ll need a PSI range of 15-50 PSI. See How To Grow section of the website for infographics on pump sizing.
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