Hydroponic Nutrients Subscriptions

How many times have you had to rush to make an unanticipated purchase of nutrients? Or spend money you didn’t plan on spending to get nutrients you needed yesterday? We understand that your workload is already heavy enough, so we started a program to ensure that scrambling to get nutrients last minute is no longer an issue.

FloraFlex is bringing you the first-ever Cannabis Nutrient Membership: a cost-effective hydroponic nutrient subscription program plus exclusive gifts and content for the #FloraFlexNutrient grower community. Join the FloraFlex community today and become a part of something special.



Choose the amount of nutrients for Vegetative and Bloom you need at up to 38% off.


Easily change your shipment frequency anytime. Pay only when your subscription ships.


Rest easy knowing you can cancel or pause for any reason – at any time.

Simply choose how many pounds of nutrients you need for both the Vegetative and Bloom cycle on a 4, 8, or 12 week cycle (use our Nutrient Calculator), and rest assured knowing your nutrients will be there when you need them at a 28% discount. Plus save an additional 10% by using a FloraFlex Rep’s code. That’s up to 38% off.


Use our Nutrient Calculator and/or Feeding Charts to determine how many pounds of our simple 2 Part formula you will need. Have both your Vegetative and Bloom needs ship on ideal dates.


Choose any V1 amount (1lb, 5lb, 10lb or 25lb)
Choose any V2 amount (1lb, 5lb, 10lb or 25lb)

Choose Your Frequency
4 weeks
8 weeks
12 weeks


Choose any B1 amount (1lb, 5lb, 10lb or 25lb)
Choose any B2 amount (1lb, 5lb, 10lb or 25lb)

Choose Your Frequency
4 weeks
8 weeks
12 weeks

There is no required time period. Cancel or Pause your subscription at any time. See “My Account” for details.


Subscription is 28% off Nutrient Pricing. You will see this discount automatically taken off your price

#FloraFlexRep PROGRAM

Receive an additional 10% off by using #FloraFlexRep Code


Log into “My Account” and select “My Subscriptions.” From this page you will be able to manage:

Start Date
Date of Last Order
Next Payment Date
Upgrade/Downgrade Subscription

Status of your Subscription
Cancel Subscription
Change Address
Change Payment Information
Here the details of your current subscription are listed and you can upgrade or downgrade the amount of products you would like to receive at any time.

Simply click on the Upgrade or Downgrade button, it will take you to the subscription product page which allows you to “re-order” your subscription. The difference in price will be adjusted for your next transaction. If at any time you have questions about your subscription, contact us at 855-855-1053 x1.

From this screen you can also easily Cancel, Change Address, or Change Payment

Once you press the cancel button it automatically cancels your subscription. You can then easily resubscribe at any point.

See Terms and Conditions.