We all know that knowledge and connections are some of the most valuable commodities in our community; you have worked for them and you should be rewarded for them. Rather than spending a ton of money on old-school ways of marketing, we want to put that money directly into your pockets.

We are launching the FloraFlex® Rep program for our Nutrient line, a lifetime referral commission based community, that offers competitive pricing and income.

We believe in allocating our resources into driving the community forward. Join the FloraFlex® Rep team by filling out the application below.

*The FloraFlex® Rep program was created for those on Social Media, and/or those who have curated strong connections within the community. This is not a Commercial Rep program, if you do have questions concerning Commercial Accounts and pricing please click here.

To contact or find a Rep please search the #FloraFlexReps on Instagram or click here.