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Product Specifications:

Supplemental Lighting Feature: Set two different light cycles per zone. 
Output Range: 10%-115%
Numbers of Ballasts per Output: 100 pcs Max
Max Cable Length per Group: 100 meters
Control Voltage Outputs: 2 Groups, A/B
Temperature Sensor: 2 Groups, A/B
Overheat Protection: Yes
Sunrise/Sunset Period: Yes
Setup Ballast Type: 1000W/945W/750W/630W/600W/500W/315W/Not Sure
Alarm Port: 2 Groups, NO/NC
ECM Port: 2 Groups, A/B
Weight: 0.5kg
Warranty: 3 years

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Weight 2.4 lbs

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FloraFlex® Master Lighting Controller - Optimize Your Plant Growth

Are you searching for a high-quality lighting controller that offers unparalleled control over your indoor garden's lighting system? Look no further than the FloraFlex® Master Lighting Controller. Engineered by FloraFlex, a trusted name in horticultural equipment, this controller is specifically designed to enhance your plant growth and deliver exceptional results.

Key Features:

  1. Compatibility: The FloraFlex® Master Lighting Controller is compatible with a wide range of lighting systems, including our LED lights and many others. This allows you to seamlessly integrate it into your existing setup without any hassle.

  2. Precise Control: With the ability to control 100 fixtures per zone, this controller offers unmatched precision and flexibility. With both zones combined, you can effortlessly control up to 200 lights, providing you with complete control over your garden's lighting environment.

  3. Extensive Output Range: The FloraFlex® Master Lighting Controller offers an output range of 10% to 115%, allowing you to fine-tune the lighting intensity to meet your plants' specific needs at various growth stages.

  4. Advanced Ballast Management: This controller supports up to 100 ballasts per output, enabling you to effectively manage and control a large number of fixtures with ease. The setup ballast type can be selected from various options, including 1000W, 945W, 750W, 630W, 600W, 500W, 315W, or specify your custom type.

  5. Intelligent Features: Equipped with a sunrise/sunset period function, the FloraFlex® Master Lighting Controller replicates natural lighting transitions, providing your plants with a more realistic and optimal growth environment. It also includes temperature sensors for precise environmental monitoring and overheat protection to ensure the safety of your plants.

  6. User-Friendly Interface: Designed with ease of use in mind, this controller features intuitive controls and clear indicators, making it effortless to set up and adjust settings. The alarm and ECM ports provide additional functionality and versatility for monitoring and control.

  7. Durable and Reliable: Built to last, the FloraFlex® Master Lighting Controller is constructed with high-quality components and backed by a generous 3-year warranty. You can trust in its durability and performance to support your indoor garden for years to come.

Invest in the FloraFlex® Master Lighting Controller and experience the ultimate control over your indoor garden's lighting system. With its unmatched compatibility, precise control, advanced features, and reliable performance, this controller is the perfect solution for achieving exceptional plant growth and maximizing your yields.

Order now and unlock the full potential of your indoor garden with the FloraFlex® Master Lighting Controller!

Download the FloraFlex® How To Grow Guide! For additional information, click How To Grow.