FloraFlex® Nutrients:
Fertilizer Specifically For Your Favorite Plant™

What is more frustrating than walking down an endless aisle of confusing bottles of nutrients that are filled with a bunch of water, knowing you have to get upwards of ten of them just to complete your formula, pay a ridiculous amount, and then haul them off? We envision a time when purchasing and using your nutrients is simple, honest, and cost effective. A time when you walk away with 40 lbs of fertilizer and it goes 40 times further than it used to. 

Nutrients for our favorite plant should include all of the Essential Elements, come in only a few or even no bottles, and provide you with the ability to improvise and control the process. FloraFlex now offers you a simple two part formula for both the Vegetative and Bloom stages that entices the early development of flower sites, leading to bigger flowers and maximized yields. All of the essential elements included in our products have been documented and explained for you to see and adjust your formula as needed: helping you grow with your garden. And, we have made sure we sourced high quality elements at the best pricing available so we could pass those savings on to you.

FloraFlex has engineered the highest quality, cleanest, and most stable nutrients on the market. We are proud to bring you the first FloraFlex Nutrient line.

The Evolution: Growing into Nutrients

Before FloraFlex was even a thought and we were in our grower 101 stages, we used ebb & flow systems in our gardens. When we walked into our local hydro store, you could almost see the saliva oozing from the employee’s mouths. We had 100 gallon reservoirs underneath every two 4’x 6’ trays, were emptying nearly 40 gallons of waste, and then we would clean and refill them weekly. Good thing prices back in those “golden days” could withstand the enormous bill that came with this style of feeding.

Finally some fellow growers from the “SFV” took us under their wings and taught us their top feeding methods: simply watering by hand with a count. While the new way had far less waste, and much better results on the flowers, we were running what many of us know as the “Valley Run” and it  boasted more bottles of nutrients than we care to remember.

Sliding along on a short stool with wheels and counting to 8 or 10 on each plant, every other day, spawned what you all now know as the FloraCap, AKA the automated hand feed. But even after we were fully “Flexed Out” and automated, we still had way too many bottles. Plus, yearly decreases to profit margins made purchasing the “necessary” nutrients for our plants painfully apparent.

Given the universal frustration with nutrients we’ve always known that someday we would enter the nutrient game, hence our vision statement: “We provide the best and most efficient ways of delivering water and nutrients to every plant while empowering everyone to grow anywhere at anytime.” But we also knew that if we were going to do so it would have to be done differently than the way it’s always been. So the question became: HOW? In what ways could we differentiate ourselves from all of those in the nutrient game who have come before us? (Stay tuned for the official launch for more.)

We’ve always been grower first. So began the conquest of how we would unveil them, what exactly it would look like from a consumer standpoint? Basically what would make each individual within our community feel better when purchasing their nutrients? But as this pot stirred, we first had to get down to the basics of fertilizer.

We found horticulturists that specialize in growing our favorite plant as well as traditional horticulturalists and fertilizer testing laboratories. Then we sought out manufacturers that would  provide us with high quality sourcing of the essential elements, sophisticated homogeneous mixing facilities, as well as the best possible pricing allowing us to pass these savings on to our community.

Throughout this process we did our own due diligence through research and development, which in large part consisted of  a lot of testing and running trials in our PotPro System/coco and rockwool cubes. At any given time we were running three to four formulas simultaneously, testing the nutrient water going into the plant’s medium, the runoff/drainage coming out of the plant’s medium, as well as the leaves/plant tissue to ensure we missed nothing.

There was a period when we couldn’t find the perfect mixture of elements to keep them from absorbing too much humidity and clumping. For a very brief moment the thought occurred that we may have to sell a liquid formula, but because we were so against it, we kept going back to the lab and pushed forward determined to provide quality soluble powders. And finally we dialed it in!  We are now grateful, excited, and proud to bring you our first line of FloraFlex® Nutrients.

We believe each grower should be well informed of what makes up the nutrients they buy and why they need to be separated in the first place.

So we’ve included content to let you know what makes up these specific blends and how all of the essential nutrients that your plants need to thrive work together. 

Plus, by launch of this new product line we will reveal our game-changing solution. Stay tuned FloraFlexers.