16/17mm Lateral Flush Valve

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Micro Drip | 16-17mm Lateral Flush Valve - 1/2" NPT (Single Unit)

Product Details
Product Type: FloraFlex MICRO DRIP Lateral Flush Valve
Quantity: Single Unit
Size: 16-17MM Lateral Flush Valve with 1/2" NPT
Material: Durable and non-corrosive
Operating Pressure: 8-25 PSI
Flow Rate: Low Flow side (2-5 GPM), High Flow side (5-12 GPM)
Removable Top: Yes, for easy maintenance
Max PSI: 80 (emitters recommended at no more than 50 PSI)

More Information
Custom Product Type Regular
Lateral Valve Quantity 1ct
FAC Number of units in package 240
Product Qty Sold Yes
Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 1 in (L × W × H)

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