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  • Compatible with regular 32mm, 1”, or ¾” PVC pipe.                                                                                                                                                                    

  • Attaches to Flora Valve with snap feature (no glue required).

  • O-Ring included.

  • Available in 1" or 3/4".

  • O-Ring should be lubed (if not already) for easy install and prevention of leakage.

  • 120 psi

  • PVC

Key Features

Easy Installation: The FloraFlex FLORA PIPE FITTING T ensures hassle-free installation. Simply attach it to regular 32mm PVC pipe with the snap feature, eliminating the need for glue. This convenient snap feature streamlines the setup process.
Secure Connection: The FloraFlex FLORA PIPE FITTING T attaches seamlessly to the Flora Valve using the snap feature. No glue is required, providing a secure connection without the risk of leaks. The included O-Ring ensures a tight seal and prevents leakage.
Compatibility: Designed for use with FloraValve or QDPS, the FloraFlex FLORA PIPE FITTING T seamlessly integrates with these irrigation components. Enjoy optimized performance and enhanced functionality when you combine them together.
Lubricated O-Ring: The FloraFlex FLORA PIPE FITTING T comes with an O-Ring included. Ensure smooth installation and prevent leakage by lubing the O-Ring before installation, if not already done.
Durable Construction: Crafted with high-quality PVC material, the FloraFlex FLORA PIPE FITTING T is built to withstand the demands of regular use. It ensures long-lasting performance and durability, providing reliability for your irrigation system.
High Pressure Rating: The FloraFlex FLORA PIPE FITTING T is designed to withstand a pressure rating of 120 psi, allowing for efficient water flow and distribution throughout your irrigation system.

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The FloraFlex® Pipe Fitting T (1" or 3/4") allows you to connect multiple manifolds to your PVC line. Glue your PVC to the Flora Pipe fitting and then easily snap the Fitting into the Flora Valve.

Download the FloraFlex® How To Grow Guide! For additional information, click How To Grow.