PotPro™ | 3 Gallon

PotPro™ | 3 Gallon

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  • Elevated airflow accommodating design
  • Compatible with FloraFlex® 9"-10.5" Matrix
  • Works with Micro Drip System
  • Made from BPA and Lead Free
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Weight 0.7563 lbs
Dimensions 11.625 × 11.625 × 9.75 in (L × W × H)

The PotPro™ 3 Gallon Bucket is the newest member of the revolutionary PotPro™ line. Our bucket holds a true 3 gallons to maximize your grow.

The 3 Gallon Bucket is designed in virgin, BPA and lead-free material, with bottom aeration for even and consistent dry downs. Pair with the FloraFlex® 9-10.5in Matrix or the Micro Drip system to seamlessly automate your feed.

Our bucket features an elevated foot system to lift growing mediums up and away from the below surface. 12 holes around the bucket's perimeter allow you to train your plant in any desired direction.

The logo pattern at the bottom stores extra water during growth. Then, when you are ready to transplant, (or just want so to check out your roots) this pattern will have trained your roots to show off your #floraflexer status.

Download the FloraFlex® How To Grow Guide! Or click here for additional How To Grow information.

The FloraFlex® Crop Steering Series is an expansion of our How To Grow guide specific to different Growing Media and Containers. Click here for additional information on the Crop Steering Series.

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