Regular vs. Hydroponic Nutrients: The Differences

Regular vs. Hydroponic Nutrients: The Differences

Have you ever seen the massive blooms and rapid, intense growth of a hydroponic garden and wondered, “What do they put in that water?” Well, you might be surprised to know that the nutrients don’t differ much from those in a soil-based garden. No matter where a plant grows, it’ll always need the same nutrients to survive and thrive. Once you learn about the differences between regular vs. hydroponic nutrients, you may want to switch over to a hydroponic garden right away.

The Delivery of the Nutrients

While the necessary nutrients remain the same, the difference lies in the delivery process. In a soil-based garden, the plant’s roots must grow outward until they can find the nutrition the plant requires. This uses a lot of energy that the plant could otherwise spend on its leaves and fruit.

With hydroponics, the grower adds the nutrients directly to the water solution. The plant doesn’t need to seek nutrients itself—they’re all provided in perfect quantities within the water supply. The energy that the plant would spend on expanding its root system can go toward growing—resulting in quicker, larger blooms.

The Precision of the Nutrients

With soil-based gardening, you do have some amount of control when it comes to the nutrients that your plants absorb—but ultimately, you can’t control certain external forces. Rain, runoff, and pesticides can add nutrients or chemicals that throw your crops off balance. Even local wildlife and pests can impact the nutrient intake of outdoor, soil-based plants!

One of the biggest differences between regular vs. hydroponic nutrients is the level of control you have over your plants’ nutrient intakes. If you notice that a hydroponic crop is suffering from a nutrient deficiency, you can adjust your nutrient solution immediately. Too much of a nutrient? You can balance it out with more water or refill the basin.

It’s easier to listen to what your plants are telling you with a hydroponic system, and easier still to cater to your plants’ different stages of life. Each stage requires different levels of nutrients, and that’s harder to control when gardening in soil.

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