16 Plant FloraCap Irrigation Kit w/ 1 Gal Pots

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Included in your Bundle:

16 x PotPro™ | 6" Tall (1 Gallon)

16 x FloraCap® 2.0 | 6"

1 x Flora Tube 1/4" OD | 100'

3 x Flora Clip 2.0 (12pk)

1 x Barbed T

2 x QDPS Multi Flow | 3/4" T

1 x Air Bleed Valve 2.0 (Single Unit)

Quick Disconnect Pipe System (Bubbler Manifold) Installation Steps
Step 1:
Lay Brown General Purpose Masking Paper out Center of table. Front to Back.

Step 2:
Evenly space Quick Disconnect Pipe System (QDPS) per 4x4 space.

Step 3:
Measure and write down the distance between the start of the table and the first bubbler. (Subtract 1.5” if using 3/4” pvc and 2.5” if using 1” pvc.)

Step 4:
Measure and write down the distance between each QDPS. (Add 1.5” to each total when using 3/4” pvc and 2” when using 1” pvc.)

Step 5:
Cut PVC pipe to the lengths you now have (step 3 & 4)

Step 6:
WITHOUT gluing the pvc to QDPS connect the pvc pipe to the QDPS. Repeat with all QDPS

Step 7:
Cut two additional pvc for the Air Bleed Valve installation

Cut one length 4”

Cut one length 11”

Step 8:
Connect the 4” pvc pipe to the outlet of the last QDPS

Step 9:
Connect an elbow pvc pipe fitting to the end of the 4” pvc pipe. Have the top of the elbow facing up.

Step 10:
Connect the 14” pvc (step 7) to the top of the elbow pipe fitting

Step 11:
Connect a slip x fpt pipe fitting to the top of the 14” pvc cut.

Step 12:
Wrap the threads of the 3/4” Air Bleed Valve with Teflon Tape. Wrap clockwise.

Step 13:
Screw the 3/4” Air Bleed Valve in the female threads of the slip x fpt pipe fitting.

Step 14:
Go back through using pvc primer and glue to connect all pipe fittings and pvc pipe together.

Tip: When gluing the pvc pipe to the QDPS start with the QDPS laying flat on the table. Insert the pvc pipe and pull the QDPS up so that it is now standing straight.

Step 15:
Ensure that glue and primer is applied to the pvc pipe and fitting

Step 16:
Place 1 pot/cube in the furthest position away from the bubbler it will be connected to

Step 17:
Connect the 1/4” tubing to the QDPS. Roll it out to the pot previously placed (step 16) and cut the tubing

Step 18:
Disconnect the 1/4” tubing (step 17) and measure it. Cut all necessary 1/4” tubing to this length.

Tip: Ensure that all 1/4” tubing is cut the same length.

Step 19:
Connect 1/4” tubing to all QDPS ports

Tip: If you are not using all the ports of a bubbler. Plug the end of the 1/4” lines with a 1/4” goof plug.

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