Tips on Choosing the Best Hydroponics Equipment

Tips on Choosing the Best Hydroponics Equipment

Tips on Choosing the Best Hydroponics Equipment

The equipment that you choose for the advancement of your gardening adventure will differ based on your experience and goals. Whether you’re looking to start a business with your hydroponic garden or to garden recreationally, these tips on choosing the best hydroponics equipment will help you pick the perfect tools that you’ll need.

The Basin

The reservoir at the bottom of any hydroponic gardening system will be home to the fresh water and nutrients that you’ll provide your plants. The size of the basin or reservoir you need depends on how many plants you want to tend and how big those plants are. These reservoirs will feed into your drip tubes and wicks, but it will also work to catch for any runoff liquid from your growing medium. Your basin should have a lid to prevent evaporation as well. Make sure to install a water pump to power your drippers.

Grow Tray or Supports

Now that you have a reservoir, you need something to hold your plants and their growing mediums above the water. A grow tray can look like a table with mesh on top or a contraption made from PVC pipes, but again, it depends on what you are growing. These systems can house your plants and mediums directly, or they could house the containers for the plants. They may even allow for water to flow through the whole system.

Drippers and Tubing

The most important part of your system will be the equipment that will transport water directly to your plants. Drippers ensure the highest control over the water and nutrients you feed your plants. There are different styles of drippers for you to choose from, such as long drippers that bring liquid straight to your plants’ roots or short drippers that let gravity do the work.

You won’t need drippers or tubing if you’re using a wick system, as the plants will use the wicks like straws to access the water below.


You will need a timer to properly keep your plants watered. For bigger or commercial gardens, it is unreasonable to believe that you can hand-feed your plants every day. A timer will regulate feeding time. Depending on the plants you’re growing, you may need a timer for lighting as well.


If you intend to make a smaller garden, consider hydroponic container gardening. Hydroponic containers will always have a mesh bottom to allow the water to flow freely and will have supports on the bottom to keep it off the surface. For any beginner, starting with a small container for a plant will allow you to learn the basics of hydroponic gardening. Containers will also work on proper grow trays for larger gardens if there is space.

When choosing the best hydroponics equipment, consider shopping FloraFlex to supply your beloved garden or, if you’re a business owner, apply to be a hydroponic supplies wholesalepartner to spread your favorite equipment to other gardeners.

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