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The FloraFlex® PotPro 6″ Pot is part of the patent pending PotPro system.

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The PotPro Pot was strategically designed to allow air flow through the top and bottom of the medium as well as excellent drainage. It securely holds the 6” FloraCap® allowing anyone to easily transition to the new PotPro System. The Pot’s built in stakes and webbed bottom provide  a seamless transplant to a PotPro Slab or alternate medium.

Place your PotPro 6″ Cube into the Pot, hydrate with water, plant your plant, top it with a 6” FloraCap® and you are ready to hand feed. Advance to automation by attaching (2) FloraClips to your FloraCap® and use FloraTubing to connect your plant to your Quick Disconnect Pipe System Bubbler. Now let your PotPro System take care of your plants.

Weight .27 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 6.5 × 5.5 in


6″ PotPro Pot’s capacity:

  • .5 gal
  • 1.9 L
  • 63.7 oz

1 review for POTPRO™ 6″ POT

  1. Fletch

    These pots are amazing. I use 10cm (4″) rockwool cubes surrounded by expanded clay hydro pellets as the medium inside each pot. The results are incredible. The drainage and breathability are what sets these babies apart. When it’s time to put them onto something larger, the roots come right through.

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