FloraFlex® Revolutionizes Cannabis Nutrient Industry

New Subscription Model + FloraFlex Rep Program

LOS ANGELES, CA – July 2018 FloraFlex®, the company that brought growers the ground-breaking FloraCap® tool, has now engineered nutrients specifically for cannabis. Their 2-Part Powder formula boasts to be the highest quality, cleanest, and most pH stable and cost effective nutrient on the market. They are the first cannabis based company to bring the much needed “Big Ag” commercial pricing to cultivars. This month they will also be launching the first-ever Cannabis Nutrient Membership: a low-cost subscription box, and are offering a new lifetime commission program to the community called FloraFlex® Reps.

Cannabis growers have been hoodwinked by one of the longest running racquets in our culture: nutrients. We see the need for change because we are of the culture and growers ourselves; the cost, ingredients, and process of getting nutrients has always been a sore spot. Now that we are in a position to invoke some change, that’s what we are doing. We envision a time when you can walk away with 40 lbs of fertilizer and it goes 40 times further than it used to. Our easy 2 Part Fertilizer does just that. The results from our Million Gallon Giveaway are rolling in and growers across the country are thrilled with their results, and how easy to use, clean, pH stable, and high quality the FloraFlex Nutrients are.

There’s always some surprise popping up at the grow, but scrambling to get nutrients last minute doesn’t have to happen. The subscription membership takes this stress off of a grower’s plate. Simply choose how many pounds of nutrients you need for both the Vegetative and Bloom cycle on a 4, 8, or 12 week cycle (we have easy tools to help with calculations if needed), and rest assured knowing your nutrients will be there when you need them at incredible savings. #FloraFlexNutrient Membership will also include exclusive product perks and access to grower forums and content. You can pause, cancel, or change the details of your subscription at any time. Our loyalty program gets you more savings at 6 months and 1 year in the program, plus save an additional 10% by using a FloraFlex Rep’s code.

We also recognize that knowledge and connections are some of the most valuable commodities in our community; growers have worked for them and should be rewarded for them. We see growers giving their expertise and posting about products they use often without compensation. We want to give them a way to monetize the products they stand behind. Rather than spending a ton of money on old-school ways of marketing, we want to put that money directly into the pockets of those who have been in the industry and built the culture. We are launching the FloraFlex® Rep program, a lifetime referral commission based community that offers competitive pricing and income benefits. Open enrollment has begun, applications are being accepted at until August 31, 2018. Depending on the success of this beta program we may resume enrollments in the future.

At FloraFlex® we believe the community comes first, from our innovative products to our business model, we strive to make sure everyone is growing and thriving. But things are changing with the commercialization of the industry, and folks who created the culture and revolutionized growing are being pushed out/impacted. With the launch of our nutrient line we realized we could have an impact by lowering overhead on an essential product and by offering a stream of residual income. “Helping you grow with your garden” has always been our motto and we will remain a company dedicated to growers helping growers.

And because we recognize the evolving landscape of our industry, we are going on record as the first cannabis specific company to ever offer "Big Ag" fertilizer costs to our fellow commercial cultivars. We have strived to keep pricing low for our retail customers while still leaving margins for the distribution chains and hydro stores who have helped nurture this community from when it was still deemed shady and taboo. We have also started taking on distribution companies across the globe, most recently Hortitec in Spain, to reach the world citizens of our culture.

FloraFlex® is a cannabis irrigation company that provides the best and most efficient ways to deliver water and nutrients to every plant, while empowering everyone to grow anywhere at any time.

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