Doser / Fertigation Schedules

Preparing Concentrated Stock Tank

In clean stock tank, use fresh water to fill the desired volume. RO water is preferable but not required. Hot water will greatly speed up the dissolution process.

We recommend using a paddle mixer or equivalent mixer to agitate stock tank while adding FloraFlex Nutrients.

Slowly add 1 pound (lb) per gallon of FloraFlex Nutrient to the targeted stock solution volume to achieve your desired diluted concentration.

Stock Tank solution will be ready to use once solution is clear and homogeneous in appearance.

Time required to fully dissolve will vary depending on water quality, temperature and agitation.

The stock solution does not need to be agitated constatnly once solubilized. Agitation before use is recommended. Agitation can be done by using a mechanical device or submersible pump.

The more concentrated the FloraFlex Nutrient used, the longer it takes to fully dissolve when preparing the stock solution.