Custom Blends

Every grower should rest assured that the elements in their medium, water source, and nutrients are combining perfectly for maximum plant growth.

The ability to adjust your nutrients from one purchase to another, ultimately designing your perfect custom blend, is invaluable.

We at FloraFlex are proud to offer custom nutrient blends for commercial farmers who have specific and/or unique needs.

Order Quantity:

Minimum orders start at one ton per custom blend.


Lead time depends on your unique situation but can range from 60-120 days.

Have a formula you are using?

If you already have a predetermined formula we will formulate the closest, if not the exact, blend you desire. We will provide you with samples, a full analysis, and the heavy metals test results from a third party laboratory.

Want to create a formula?

If you do not have a predetermined formula and need assistance in creating one, we can help. We work with horticulturists and laboratories who will assist us in finding your perfect blend using methods suited to your needs. This may included soil/medium and water testing, troubleshooting the existing nutrients going into plants and their runoff, or in some cases plant tissue samples. The lead time for this process can obviously be longer depending on the complexity of developing a blend to your needs and specifications.

Next Steps:

If you feel that custom blend nutrients speak to your plants needs, want a quote, or would like to speak to someone in regards to your unique situation, please click the link below. This is a highly customized service, therefore, we will vet responses and ask that only serious commercial applicants apply. Fees and deposits will be determined on an individual basis.

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