LooseFill Coco (50L) Bag | 60% WHC

LooseFill Coco (50L) Bag | 60% WHC

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  • 50L
  • Same certified organic coco blend used in QuickFill’s.
  • Slightly compressed.
  • Easy to break apart.
  • Can be used with all PotPro Pot’s.
  • 60% maximum water holding
  • 6x washed
  • Less than .6ec 
More Information
Weight 18.5 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 18 × 4 in (L × W × H)

LooseFill™ 50L bags provide an easy to use solution to fill your PotPro™ pots with the same high quality organic coco used in our QuickFill™ bags. With a maximum water holding capacity of 60% there is no need to add perlite. See our Crop Steering Guides for tips on how to irrigate. 

Directions for Use:
Break LooseFill apart and fill your PotPro.

Water to runoff with a 1.6-2.0ec vegetative solution or week 1 of the Full Tilt™ feeding schedule. And if you do use any, this is also a great time to inoculate your medium with your desired microbials.

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